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Young Living Essential Oils

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In seeking natural remedies for well being of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, I came across a high quality and effective products offered by D Gary Young. As his vision and mission aligned with my own I have decided to dedicate my effort and time to promote this wonderful essential oils and supplements for everyone and every home.

I have set up a Facebook group to convey the possibilities with these products:

Inner Comfort Technique

Inner Comfort Technique is designed to teach you how to become your own medical intuitive in identifying energy blocks in your own body. Applying the understanding of paired organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we then able to facilitate the alchemy of these energies through meridian massage using Young Living Essential Oil Blends. This course also offers better understanding of our own body and the emotions we stored within each and every biological system. It is restorative, balancing and purifying at the same time.

Chakras Massage with Exotic Oils Collections

DIY spa experience for the entire body. Simple and effective steps in cleansing, balancing and energising the 7 major chakras. Truly rejuvenating for the body, mind and spirit.

You will learn about the Chakras, the Young Living Exotic Oils Collections, and the gentle yet pampering technique of massaging the chakras. Your body will thank you for it, all the love and nurture that you are giving!


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