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I often find that, including myself of course, we as a society have tormented the true value of life. (with all respect to individuality, there are certain common things that gives joy, love & peace to life) It is so distorted now that we don’t even know what to teach our kids anymore. As we ourselves are often confused by influences from the outside and some epigenetic programming from the inside. How can we teach them so that they would have a more balanced life than we had?

Most people we see will value self importance and self satisfaction over happiness or health. I find that it is most common that I have encountered over the years, including working with various forms of addictions. We falsely perceived that being right, being respected or being the source of ultimate truth is just much more important that being happy and at peace with ourselves.

Yet some of us thought that life is all about “living it big”. The glamour and the blink of a Hollywood lifestyle. (maybe not to that extend, but you get what I mean) Without these we are NOBODY, we won’t be happy, and we are less than who we are! It sounds scary but that is what is going on in people’s psyche. Looking for a sense of security at a superficial level. Look deeper you might find more treasures tucked under the abyss of your inner vastness.

We some how could not remember what makes us happy as child. Sometimes it is the simplest things like your mother’s smile or the sound of tearing a piece of paper, if you are a YouTube follower. So what is missing in this adult life? What is there but yet not there? What have we gained and what have we lost? Maybe these are the questions that we all should have asked ourselves.

And I am perfectly aware of those who “MANIFEST”; people, things, partner, money, career, status, wealth….. the list is endless. BUT, do you know that the minute you engage in the thought of manifesting, you immediately fall into the consciousness of lack. I don’t have therefore I want!  The Law of Attraction is saying, lack attracts lack, then tell me how can you ever get what you wanted?

Maybe life is not about wanting something but making good use of what you already have? All we ever needed and wanted is there but we are not aware of it. Maybe we have been living a life of others or even living the dreams of others. Yet we never bring our awareness to what we truly want in life, or worse who we truly are…..!

To end this I offer you the words of wisdom from Louise Hay; I love and approve of myself. I trust the process of life to be there for me. I am safe. All is well.

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