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MRS. DOUBTFIRE, Robin Williams, 1993, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights rese

今日看到的消息,也震撼了七八十年代以來影迷們的心,羅賓威廉斯(Robin Williams)被證實在家中窒息。從他最早期的出道作品《大力水手》Popeye,之後參與演出的作品多達數十部。其中包括我記憶深刻的一下代表作

《早安越南》Good Morning, Vietnam
《春風化雨》Dead Poets Society
《奇幻城市》The Fisher King
《窈窕奶爸》Mrs Doubtfire
《假鳳虛凰》The Birdcage
《心靈捕手》Good Will Hunting
《妙手情真》Patch Adams


DEAD POETS SOCIETY, Robin Williams, 1989. © Buena Vista Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection
往往戲中角色與現實生活成了對比,早在八零年代初曾經染上古柯鹼毒癮,不過他後來已戒掉。在2006年因為酗酒把自己置身於康復中心。也在Good Morning America節目當中發表了以下這一段話。

“It’s not caused by anything, it’s just there,” he said. “It waits. It lays in wait for the time when you think, ‘It’s fine now, I’m OK.’ Then, the next thing you know, it’s not OK. Then you realize, ‘Where am I? I didn’t realize I was in Cleveland.'”


深入的關察自己和自己的生活,有沒有那裡失衡了?有沒有心靈的負擔?有沒有那裡不滿足了?把它看清楚, 然後面對它、接受它、處理它、放下它。感恩生命賦予您的每一個奇蹟,突破舊我、創造新我!


Inner Comfort Technique Workshop- End of May

20130412_182846I recently researched into the different techniques that I have learned in the past and combining them with essential oils to create a simple and effective approach in administering Young Living Essential Oils, especially the blends.

Gary Young came up with a great protocol for the Feelings kit, however most would like to be helped than to meditate to sort things out for themselves.

Here I have suggested another approach, through years of working with emotions with my colour & art therapy approach (called ColourFool), I realised that dealing with emotions requires sorting out of emotions in the first place, then should one proceed to eliminate the one causing most of the issues. In the end one should always acknowledge each triggering points of emotions stored inside our cells.

I have been experimenting and teaching this approach to YL distributors for a year, working with self body scan through drawing, identifying the chakras, organs, and meridians affected and releasing them through gentle touch/massage on the meridian lines on hands and legs using YL blends.

It also empower a person to own the way they feel towards certain issues, making them present in their body to understand how the organs are affected.

Learn about:

1. Feelings Kit and other wonderful blends to release emotions.
2. Chakra, energy body and the key to unlock it with Exotic Oils Collection.
3. Major Organs and their correlating meridians for physical and emotional health.
4. Meridians and Archetype.
5. Advanced bodywork of zero pressure massage and breathing technique.

Date: 31/5 to 1/6/2014
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
venue: Setia Walk, Puchong.
Materials and Notes provided.
Please contact for registration.

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