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ColourFool Training

ColourFool has a new course structure. This is to ensure the quality of our practitioners and deepening the experience of the ColourFool journey.

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ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training was inspired by a unique psychotherapy approach using art and images. However the conventional art therapy does not emphasised on the understanding of the language of colour and what the reflection that colour consciousness could offer to the evolution of human consciousness. By combining these two approaches with the latest instant healing concept inspired by psychoneuroimmunology as the intervention process. One could achieve more in less time by cutting through the abyss of human psyche, getting to the root of the problem to ensure lasting results.

The essence
ColourFool is a life coaching training programme cum personal development programmme that encompasses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. The process provides introspective opportunity for one to reflect and evaluate one’s own life experiences and make changes accordingly. It taps into the power of creativity and full body awareness.

ColourFool empowers each individual to decode their own life through the colour vibration in the attempt to understand the greater meaning to life. It has a strong emphasis on the global changes that we can create through the ripple effect from the changes within. It highlights the relationship of between individual and community as well as the implication of community to community interactions.

Colour Consciousness is to understand the vibration of colour as a symbolism of the language of the universe that sings the song of life.

The Value
It is life changing according to our participants. Often they find that the inner knowingness is being activated through the process that we share. The most astonishing qualities of our approach are the simplicity (fool proof) and practicality (organic). It is often being said to be versatile, straight-forward, inspiring with satisfactory outcome. Hence you will experience life fully with ColourFool. Almost like having a Google Translate and Google Map combined to navigate through your life.

For those who faced more challenges or had been in a more difficult situation in life, ColourFool effectively deal with problems that cannot be verbalised or put into words. It helps you to open up through your ability to create; this is valuable not only with the expression of difficult feelings but connects one to the true self within at the same time. Therefore it is the most effective self-help tool that you may find.

The Course

ColourFool currently consists of 3 levels of training. It is an intensive training program aimed to shift the consciousness into a new paradigm. Although we believed that the course can be expanded into a 3 years university degree, we would like to keep it as convenient and as accessible as possible. It is of our best interest to provide you with as much continuous learning as we can with assignments, online coaching and support group through social media.

ColourFool 1

This is the introductory level of training, and it is suitable for anyone and everyone from all works of life who would like to experience colours and have some fun. However the outcome from this workshop can be a journey of self-discovery and self-healing! For those interested to become a colour therapist/consultant, this is your first step into the world of colour.
(No pre-requisite. Duration: 2 days)

• The Relationship of Colour and Light.
• The Behaviour of Light: Wavelength or Particle.
• Perceptions of Colours as Vibration of Light.
• Colours in Nature: the Four Kingdoms.
• Colour & Energy Centers.
• The World of Advertising and Fashion Trend.
• Colour Dictionary: Your Own Language of Colour.
• Structure of Colour: Primary Colours, Secondary Colours & Tertiary Colours.
• The Story of Creation and Colours
• Intuition & Body Scanning.
• How Are You Feeling Today?
• The Walk of Life.
• Soul Potrait Painting.
• Feng Shui Mandala.
• Paint My Pain Body.
• Colour Decoding: Reading between the Colours.
• Dowse a Colour.
• Colour Wheel. (homework)

ColourFool 2

As above so below, as within so without! This is a holistic, psycho-spiritual approach to healing the soul, mind and body. The ground work for one to one consultation is put forward; the process of healing through colours unfolds within this workshop.
(Pre-requisite: Level 1. Duration: 2 days)

• Basic Consultation Skills.
• Mindful Presence.
• Active Listening.
• Strategic Questioning.
• Consultation Records: Documentations & In-depth Descriptions.
• The Relationship of Change and Perceptions.
• The Relationship of Change and Language.
• The Importance of Setting an Intention.
• Relationship Building.
• Concern Identification: Dissecting the Pain Body.
• Exploring into the Root Cause of the Issue.
• Stepping into the Core.
• Intervention- Awareness & Acknowledgement.
• Imprints & Emotions (Mano, Pain Body & Cellular Memory)
• Review and Evaluation.
• Visual Journaling: The Coded Diary.
• Emotional Expression with Coloured Clay.
• AQAL on personal life.
• Healing A Future Event.
• Healing Rays (hands-on vibrational healing).
• Writing a Script for Colour Meditation. (Homework)

ColourFool 3

Rainbow Warrior carries the light that reflects all spectrums and embraces all of it. In this level we start to take the path of services through group facilitation to create hope and transformation. Based on a framework developed for UNDP Community Capacity Enhancement through Community Conversation Programme, this approach opens up inner potentials within our being and empowers our community.
(Pre-requisite: Level 2 & 20 case studies. Duration: 4 days)

• Why Group Facilitation?
• Concept of Group/Community.
• Process Facilitation.
• Change, Hope & Transformation.
• The Human Interaction Patterns: Social-Cultural Dynamic.
• The Strength of Our Being: Social Capital.
• Working with Marginalised Community.
• Sensitivity and Taboo.
• Community Timeline.
• Creating Vision.
• Community’s Colour Wheel
• Story Telling for Group Transformation.
• Community Window
• Facilitator Window
• Concept of AQAL: The Lenses of Integral Concept.
• AQAL on social issues.

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