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Flower Essences 1

Most people are not familiar with flower essences. Neither do we know that these magical potion are actually being considered as the medicine of the new aeon. First of all in physical form it contains only water and alcohol, energetically speaking it has a measurable energetic imprint of the plant where the flower is harvested from. Amazing? We haven’t get to the the process of making it and the effect it has on people whom their life has changed dramatically.

How do you make flower essences?

There are many companies that produce flower essences all over the world. The process of harvesting/making these essences is pretty much the same across the board. First of all the process require the person who is making the essences to be acquainted to nature and with great respect to the energies/spirits that governs the realm. Now why would this be important? Over the years I have tested essences made by various sources and I do find that there is a difference between essences made by those who really respect the nature and are sometimes called to create the essences instead of from his/her own will. Simply put they are generally more potent.

When working with plant kingdom you will be gradually be aware of the consciousness held within, for most creator of essences, there is a sense of knowingness of which plant is willing to offer its healing vibration to humanity at a particular time. It is a deep bonding of a person with nature, like knowing your friend would like to go and watch a movie this weekend. So the “callings” usually signal the birth of a new essence.

During this part of the process, sometimes information of a specific plant is given. For example which specific plant to gather the flowers (you almost always find them in their prime or peak flowering stage), the healing properties and specific details on preparation or procedures will also be revealed. A very interesting process to be experienced as a human being interacting with the plant kingdom.

Typically one would gather the flowers early morning and put it into a bowl of water from natural sources, as it would require to be left under the sun for the vibrational imprint of the flower to be transferred into the bowl of water. Then the water will be poured into a bottle containing equal volume of brandy (medium/carrier/preservative) .  This is called the “mother tincture”, further dilution will be required to prepare stock bottle which contained 1:2 ratio of purified water to alcohol (brandy). What is being prescribed are commonly called the dosage bottle. This however is prepared in a bottle containing purified water to alcohol ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, depending on which school of training you are referring to.

Although it is procedural, one is always in tune and coherently synchronising with ones intuition. Listening and observing, within and without. So next time when you purchased a bottle of flower essences please remember it is more than just diluted alcohol based “placebo”!


I know a lot of people who refuses to change and like the comfort of their current situation. This article is probably not for them.

Life is more than just what you see, hear, feel or touch. Many got through life have the perception that there is nothing much about it other than work, family or relationship and money. I am not saying that these things are not important but on the contrary these are the closest reflection you can find about the greater picture of life. Even your own body has a lot of stories to tell if you just be still and listen. (background….. Beyonce, “Listen”.)

Life is probably the most misunderstood concept in the modern human world. Most of us have not even tasted the full experience of life. (I’m not talking about being a drama queen, “shiok sendiri” in your own daily soap opera!) Life has so much to offer if you get down to the most basic and start experiencing what it is offering you. Instead of ignoring the calling and get on with your own mind game of something that is not even authentically yours. And yet so many of us are playing this game but could not take it when “life” gave a big blow in the gut! (that’s why we have so many healing modalities and professional therapists around…..)

At the end of the day there is really not much different in terms of the things that you do everyday. It is about the state of being. You can continue on with your normal activity day in and day out but when you change the attitude towards life it changes the whole experience of living! Live a life don’t run away from it…..


I often find that, including myself of course, we as a society have tormented the true value of life. (with all respect to individuality, there are certain common things that gives joy, love & peace to life) It is so distorted now that we don’t even know what to teach our kids anymore. As we ourselves are often confused by influences from the outside and some epigenetic programming from the inside. How can we teach them so that they would have a more balanced life than we had?

Most people we see will value self importance and self satisfaction over happiness or health. I find that it is most common that I have encountered over the years, including working with various forms of addictions. We falsely perceived that being right, being respected or being the source of ultimate truth is just much more important that being happy and at peace with ourselves.

Yet some of us thought that life is all about “living it big”. The glamour and the blink of a Hollywood lifestyle. (maybe not to that extend, but you get what I mean) Without these we are NOBODY, we won’t be happy, and we are less than who we are! It sounds scary but that is what is going on in people’s psyche. Looking for a sense of security at a superficial level. Look deeper you might find more treasures tucked under the abyss of your inner vastness.

We some how could not remember what makes us happy as child. Sometimes it is the simplest things like your mother’s smile or the sound of tearing a piece of paper, if you are a YouTube follower. So what is missing in this adult life? What is there but yet not there? What have we gained and what have we lost? Maybe these are the questions that we all should have asked ourselves.

And I am perfectly aware of those who “MANIFEST”; people, things, partner, money, career, status, wealth….. the list is endless. BUT, do you know that the minute you engage in the thought of manifesting, you immediately fall into the consciousness of lack. I don’t have therefore I want!  The Law of Attraction is saying, lack attracts lack, then tell me how can you ever get what you wanted?

Maybe life is not about wanting something but making good use of what you already have? All we ever needed and wanted is there but we are not aware of it. Maybe we have been living a life of others or even living the dreams of others. Yet we never bring our awareness to what we truly want in life, or worse who we truly are…..!

To end this I offer you the words of wisdom from Louise Hay; I love and approve of myself. I trust the process of life to be there for me. I am safe. All is well.

Human being has come to an age of complacency, with the help of technology we have created our own comfort zone. At times we may not even comfortable when we have visitor in the house or sharing a room with somebody. We felt so uneasy and the personal space seemed to be violated by the presence of another individual. We call this safe space our home and we felt so safe and secure within this space that we have created. That is why home burglary causes more trauma to the victim than robbery on the street. We belong in this place and in turn this place belongs to ME! Some would say “oh, that’s called attachment”. Yes it is a form of attachment but what causes the attachment? Most of us are not willing to be aware of the root cause yet conveniently label a certain behavior. You will only be called judgmental if you label others but if you battered yourself with the same kind of attitude you will never get anywhere in life.

So what is causing us to have this neediness, as all living being on this earth (except plant, not talking about the devas here) there is this part of us that “requires” safety and security. Like it or not this is one of the basic need of survival. The essential part of being in this world therefore it is preprogrammed as an autonomic part of our functionality. As a human being with highly intellectualised concepts this form of security and safety takes a different turn with the sense of belonging. Although animal are territorial, at times will protect their group and the area that they live in but they are willing to move and migrate to a safer place where it would ensure the survival of the tribe. This kind of nomadic lifestyle has been adopted by the early settlers and tribal community such the Native American, the Mongolian and various nomadic communities in Africa and Europe.

Nowadays we seems to be holding tighter and tighter to who we are and where we life. Our job, our career, our loved ones, our friends, our pets and most importantly the familiarity of the place, people or culture that we are in for however long period of time. The sense of comfortability and convenience had taken our civilisation to a whole new level of social dynamic. We have developed into a society that only wanted the good (which is fair) yet despise the bad. That is where the idea of “manifestation” were born and had taken a detour route. We have forgotten that there are values in everything; challenges that we are facing, traumatic experience of the past or simply the obstacle that we foresee in the future.

Being able to maintain clarity of past, present and future; and not attach to anyone of them, simply acknowledging what “it is” may be the key to you ultimate wellbeing. As this is the root to true sense of security and safety, an unconditional one. You will know what you have experienced, what you must do now and what is to be expected of the future. Uncertainty, unsettling and distress will dissolves into nothingness.

May peace be with all beings, and may the peace within all beings be rippled out to the entire existence!






1. 以大我的境界操作

靈性彩油要求諮商師在諮商過程當中要端坐在輪迴之星的體驗就如同生命原點療法的Beingness。 兩者都屬於存在於大我的境界。新療法Quantum Entrainment所指的pure awareness也是只能覺知不能理智思考的境界。

2. 三重腦的一致性

生命原點療法有三重腦的概念,說明人類意識的操作有思想、情緒與身體感受。靈性彩油的人體能量解剖圖也有三個主要的能量中心,稱為The Three Bowls,所說的也是這三個能量中心 的一致性操作。紅色代表身體反應中心,黃色代表情緒中心及藍色代表思想結構中心。

3. 給予個案主控權與解決問題的能力



Weighing the Heart!

The story of Anubis, the Egyptian God.

Anubis is believed to be the Lord of the underworld. He was associated with the death and the process of mummification. Anubis is also the “Guardian of the Scales”. In some stories, Anubis would weigh the heart to measure the “truth” of the soul, against the feather. He dictates the destiny of the soul after death.

The Feather Vs The Heart!

As you begin to explore into your own spiritual path, starting to realise your real SELF, and discerning between illusion and reality; this awareness will bring you to a state where you have to choose to change or to remain where you are. As you are making the decision to depart from the old ways, you may also encounter the chance to create the new. Here is where your feather comes into play, the heaviness of the heart determined by the restriction and limitation that the feather have put on it. Do you want to make changes but are confined by the impossibilities of your own mind. When we start considering and weighing too much that is the exact reason that the heart becomes heavy.

In your mind you can create a thousand feathers and a million ways to weight the heart down to nothingness. BUT, is that fair for the heart? Is that the truth that your being have realised through the work that you have done on your spiritual path? There may be external feathers yet what is the point? Who’s heart are there weighing?

Weigh Your Doing Not Your Being.

You could weigh (or judge) a million things and label it any way you like, however, those will remain as external when you come to the heart of your being. You can judge the things that you do or the words that you say, and even the thoughts that you had but you could never judge the essence of your being which is eternal truth.

We are often our own worst judge. We battered ourselves for what is not acceptable by the society and the social values that we were brought up with. Of course there are advantages yet it hinders the total acceptance of the authentic self. As long as we cannot see or accept ourselves, we could not be in touch with the grandness perfection of within the self. Then how can we do good as a being? It is often the judgment that create rebels and not the acceptance.

When I work in the prison and with the drug user community, I never knew or bother to find out what crime they have committed. What interest me is what purest and greatest potential that is in this human being that I could tap into to create realisation and change. What is missing here that everybody don’t see, even the individual self failed to recognise?

As I venture deeper into the evolution of consciousness, and working with modality that promotes “beingness” such as Reference Point Therapy, I have come to this point where the Buddhist teaching & training from the past are clearer and clearer presenting in front of me. I had a chance to compare it with other scriptures of other religious background and found that the ultimate path is pretty similar across the board. Of course the terminology used and the way to they described it can vary, yet when you feel the vibration of their descriptions, you’ll find that they might not be that much different afterall. The only mistake that we make as a human being (with neocortex) is looking at these spiritual texts superficially!

When we talk about being in ones own TRUE NATURE, which means embracing a new and ever expanding consciousness, most people puzzled on how they are going to do that. You may not be able to understand everything at this point of time but that’s OK! You’re planting a seed in your consciousness and that seed will grow, and one day everything will be clearer and clearer.

The main hindrance that there may be is when one could not see or believe that one has the potential to expand and grow in consciousness. I have also heard of “I’m happy where I am and I don’t to know what’s beyond me”. Well fair enough but it makes me wonder why is there such fear of the unknown or uncertainty? Don’t you have faith to surrender to life and what life has to offer? Haven’t you been through those moment in life where you have no control at all in what is unfolding in front of you? Those breakups, losing your job, stock market collapse , natural disaster, etc. You can of course start understanding what’s beyond “me” after the disaster, while you’re picking up bits and pieces of your life. Then start wondering what have you done wrong or the big question of “WHY ME?”, searching for lights at the end of the tunnel!

STOP waiting and start bringing awareness to every little details of your life. If you find it difficult then ask yourself “Are there things that I don’t want to see?”. As sometimes we stop being aware and start to dwell in “blurness” is when we know something that we do not want to acknowledge. It may be too painful to do so.

Being in your Buddha Nature doesn’t only mean being clear about those things that you don’t want to face in life but it is also being OK with the good and bad in life. Neither fighting nor running away from the reality, just merely acknowledging all experiences and let it go!

Bringing conscious awareness to every experience in your life is the key to living, living a meaningful and fruitful life!


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