Bringing me back to me!


My work involves identifying and transforming energetic and physical blockages which includes the use of flower essence, essential oil, crystal, colour and sound, as tools to facilitate healing.

Most of my bodywork session will start with working on your breathing, posture and identifying the blockages through body scan and energetic self portrait. Then we will proceed to work on the neck-shoulder-head area, meridians on limbs, abdominal area(internal organs massage) and the entire back & spine.

These procedures may include techniques from Inner Comfort Technique, ZenNaTai, Raindrop Technique, and Singing Bowl Therapy.

Creative Life Coaching
Need some pointers on your journey? Trying to align to your north star and finding your life purpose? At a crossroad in life? Ponder no more, a coach would make your journey much smoother and more enjoyable but definitely more fulfilling!

Guiding you to assess your current situation, accompany your strategising process, and facilitating your evolution in this magnificent life journey.

A coaching allows mistake, so that you may be wiser and stronger. A coach also knows when to step aside and let you take the lead, for the power is within you!

Trauma & Empowerment

Flower Essences Consultation

Aura-Soma Consultation


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