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Events During Holiday Season 佳節期間的活動

There will be 4 introductory talks about various topics such as Flower Essences, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Birth Angels and ColourFool Life Programme. Helping you to understand more about the work that I offered to the Malaysian community as well as international community.


10 am – 12 pm
ColourFool Life Programme 色彩愚者生命課程
Schools and home education may have taught you certain things about life but definitely not the bigger picture about life. ColourFool has been a successful program in changing life and making life juicier in creating a desirable future.

2 pm – 4 pm
Birth Angels: 7 steps of Embodiment 生命天使之回歸自我的七大要訣
Birth Angels are the energies that you are born with and has been governing your life. It is a powerful and yet gentle approach to becoming who you truly are and realising your full potential.

10 am – 12 pm
Beyond Aromatherapy 超越芳香療癒
Therapeutic grade essential oils are unlike aromatic grade essenctial oils. It is being used internally and topically to produce psychological & physiological therapeutic outcome as an agent of healing and recovery. Come and learn about what they are and how to use them.

2 pm – 4 pm
Phytoenergetics (Flower essences) 植物能量精華 (花精/花藥)
Essences are energetic extract from universe. Establishing a clear understanding is important to the application of this potent natural remedies. Sharing with you the secrets of nature’s perfect vibrational patterns, allowing you to see the bigger picture of Creator’s strategy for life.

Reserve your seat please contact 有興趣者請接洽 0162202189.


Inner Comfort Technique Workshop- End of May

20130412_182846I recently researched into the different techniques that I have learned in the past and combining them with essential oils to create a simple and effective approach in administering Young Living Essential Oils, especially the blends.

Gary Young came up with a great protocol for the Feelings kit, however most would like to be helped than to meditate to sort things out for themselves.

Here I have suggested another approach, through years of working with emotions with my colour & art therapy approach (called ColourFool), I realised that dealing with emotions requires sorting out of emotions in the first place, then should one proceed to eliminate the one causing most of the issues. In the end one should always acknowledge each triggering points of emotions stored inside our cells.

I have been experimenting and teaching this approach to YL distributors for a year, working with self body scan through drawing, identifying the chakras, organs, and meridians affected and releasing them through gentle touch/massage on the meridian lines on hands and legs using YL blends.

It also empower a person to own the way they feel towards certain issues, making them present in their body to understand how the organs are affected.

Learn about:

1. Feelings Kit and other wonderful blends to release emotions.
2. Chakra, energy body and the key to unlock it with Exotic Oils Collection.
3. Major Organs and their correlating meridians for physical and emotional health.
4. Meridians and Archetype.
5. Advanced bodywork of zero pressure massage and breathing technique.

Date: 31/5 to 1/6/2014
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
venue: Setia Walk, Puchong.
Materials and Notes provided.
Please contact for registration.

Upcoming ColourFool Events!

Responding to popular request, I have decided to add in the following events. Especially for those who are serious about change and working on improving themselves, these workshops will take you to another level of transformative evolution.

Colour Consciousness Coaching.

15-16 Jan 2011, 10 am to 5 pm at The Colour Tree, Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana.

ColourFool 1 & 2 in Hua Hin, Thailand.

24-27 Jan 2011, 10 am to 6 pm at Sukkasart Intitute of Healing Arts. Cha-Am

This is your opportunity to discover a new you, through fun, love and creativity! Make your reservation now, register early!

Free Talks in KL

Epigenetics- Lightworks, 17th Nov @ 2:30 pm

Epigenetics is a new field of study after the Human Genome Project could not yield promising outcome. The original belief of once you decodes all the genes; you will understand the secret of life. It was proven to be wishful thinking. A more complex and unprecedented understanding of gene expression that determined the way our entire being would function becomes the new frontier of geneticist seeking to uncover the holy grail of humanity. Epigenetic is the study of gene responses toward external conditions that produces different functioning outcomes.

In this context we are going to discuss the impact that epigenetics has on healing some of our deep rooted issues and chronic diseases. Can the famine that your ancestor experienced in the past dictates your poverty consciousness during the season of lack in your life? Or more importantly, the experiences that we put ourselves through here and now; how are they going to affect the generations to come? The study of third and fourth generation of holocaust survivors who felt the deep emotional trauma of their ancestors might have suggested something more than just past life experiences or collective consciousness; it might be the ghost in your gene!

The Physiology of Healing- The Golden Space, 17th Nov @ 7:30 pm

With the advancement in current biology, a glimpse of the mind-body connection is being unraveled. This has allowed us to better understand the mystical process of a miraculous healing. We will look at some of our body’s most intelligent communication systems governs how we function in a dis-ease state and what happened when we seek the intervention of “healing”.  This information is cutting edge science, made public by Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion) & Bruce Lipton (Spontaneous Evolution). I will also share with you how to get to the core of the issue for an instant healing and lasting results.

If you are seeking to understand more about “healing” and how to create a long lasting healing, come and find out more!

Manifesting Abundance- The Violet Flame, 20th Nov @ 2:00 pm.

A hot topic that is still generating millions for authors, trainers and spiritual teachers. I guess the big question is has it been working for you? Or are you facing more challenges than ever?

We will explore the reality behind this trend and the relationship of your soul contract to the type of abundance in your life. We will look at a list of the common abundance blocks. We will also discover what the Triune Brain Model has to offer, in terms of manifesting from the part of the brain that was designed to ensure food, shelter and reproduction. In other words the part of the brain that its sole responsibility is to be fruitful and multiply!

Let us gain clarity in what we truly wants to attract in this life time and the approach we take in fulfilling our life purpose. So that we may no longer be in the struggle of getting what we don’t want and wanting what we can’t get!

To Be MORE or To Be LESS- The Golden Space, 1 Dec @ 7:30 pm.

A HIV+ friend taught me the concept of choosing to be MORE or choosing to be LESS. It is a choice and it is your birth right to make that choice. Most of us probably think that by choosing to be successful and having it all is choosing to be more. However if the motivation behind the action is merely a sense of lack or fear that what you have is never going to be enough, then what you have chosen in reality is to be LESS!

When a person come to the realization that there is a greater perfection within them and no longer function from a smaller self, the possibilities in life become endless. This is the “MORE” that the BIG SELF can offer. You will also see that our problems and dissatisfaction often stem from the consciousness of “LESS”. If you intend to create the life that you wanted and rediscover a new earth, come and join us in this mind opening and heart widening discussion of MORE or LESS!

Upcoming RPT workshops!

Get to the bottom of your issues and claim back your power!

Melbourne, Australia

2-3 Oct 2010 (Level 1) and 9-10 Oct 2010 (Level 2);

THA College, 18 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill, VIC 3128.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3-7 Dec 2010

Hotel Armada, Petalign Jaya, Selnagor.

Hong Kong

25-28 Dec 2010

11/F Fook Tai Building, 24-26 Soy Street, Mongkok (Mongkok MTR station E2 exit)


Drop me an email if you’re interested in joining us in any of the city, I will forward you the details!

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