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Reflection & Shadow

Standing in front of a mirror, what do you see? Do you see mirror images of who you truly are? Do you really see the entirety of this being standing in front of the mirror? Or do you merely focus on the beauty and ignore those that you do not want to see? Or perhaps you only focus on the disgustful part and forget the other part ever existed?

What do you really “SEE” in the reflection of the mirror? A man, a women, a father, a mother, a child, a star, a loser, a victim, a winner, a lover, etc. Look carefully, what else can you see? Can you see beyond what you saw? What else is there? Who else is there? Or what might be there?

At times you may think that reflection is all that is but you are merely looking at the shadow of the real thing. Yet for some, they have not pay enough attention to what they do not see. Lying there on the floor opposite the light! So how can you ever see the complete you?




I often find that, including myself of course, we as a society have tormented the true value of life. (with all respect to individuality, there are certain common things that gives joy, love & peace to life) It is so distorted now that we don’t even know what to teach our kids anymore. As we ourselves are often confused by influences from the outside and some epigenetic programming from the inside. How can we teach them so that they would have a more balanced life than we had?

Most people we see will value self importance and self satisfaction over happiness or health. I find that it is most common that I have encountered over the years, including working with various forms of addictions. We falsely perceived that being right, being respected or being the source of ultimate truth is just much more important that being happy and at peace with ourselves.

Yet some of us thought that life is all about “living it big”. The glamour and the blink of a Hollywood lifestyle. (maybe not to that extend, but you get what I mean) Without these we are NOBODY, we won’t be happy, and we are less than who we are! It sounds scary but that is what is going on in people’s psyche. Looking for a sense of security at a superficial level. Look deeper you might find more treasures tucked under the abyss of your inner vastness.

We some how could not remember what makes us happy as child. Sometimes it is the simplest things like your mother’s smile or the sound of tearing a piece of paper, if you are a YouTube follower. So what is missing in this adult life? What is there but yet not there? What have we gained and what have we lost? Maybe these are the questions that we all should have asked ourselves.

And I am perfectly aware of those who “MANIFEST”; people, things, partner, money, career, status, wealth….. the list is endless. BUT, do you know that the minute you engage in the thought of manifesting, you immediately fall into the consciousness of lack. I don’t have therefore I want!  The Law of Attraction is saying, lack attracts lack, then tell me how can you ever get what you wanted?

Maybe life is not about wanting something but making good use of what you already have? All we ever needed and wanted is there but we are not aware of it. Maybe we have been living a life of others or even living the dreams of others. Yet we never bring our awareness to what we truly want in life, or worse who we truly are…..!

To end this I offer you the words of wisdom from Louise Hay; I love and approve of myself. I trust the process of life to be there for me. I am safe. All is well.

Weighing the Heart!

The story of Anubis, the Egyptian God.

Anubis is believed to be the Lord of the underworld. He was associated with the death and the process of mummification. Anubis is also the “Guardian of the Scales”. In some stories, Anubis would weigh the heart to measure the “truth” of the soul, against the feather. He dictates the destiny of the soul after death.

The Feather Vs The Heart!

As you begin to explore into your own spiritual path, starting to realise your real SELF, and discerning between illusion and reality; this awareness will bring you to a state where you have to choose to change or to remain where you are. As you are making the decision to depart from the old ways, you may also encounter the chance to create the new. Here is where your feather comes into play, the heaviness of the heart determined by the restriction and limitation that the feather have put on it. Do you want to make changes but are confined by the impossibilities of your own mind. When we start considering and weighing too much that is the exact reason that the heart becomes heavy.

In your mind you can create a thousand feathers and a million ways to weight the heart down to nothingness. BUT, is that fair for the heart? Is that the truth that your being have realised through the work that you have done on your spiritual path? There may be external feathers yet what is the point? Who’s heart are there weighing?

Weigh Your Doing Not Your Being.

You could weigh (or judge) a million things and label it any way you like, however, those will remain as external when you come to the heart of your being. You can judge the things that you do or the words that you say, and even the thoughts that you had but you could never judge the essence of your being which is eternal truth.

We are often our own worst judge. We battered ourselves for what is not acceptable by the society and the social values that we were brought up with. Of course there are advantages yet it hinders the total acceptance of the authentic self. As long as we cannot see or accept ourselves, we could not be in touch with the grandness perfection of within the self. Then how can we do good as a being? It is often the judgment that create rebels and not the acceptance.

When I work in the prison and with the drug user community, I never knew or bother to find out what crime they have committed. What interest me is what purest and greatest potential that is in this human being that I could tap into to create realisation and change. What is missing here that everybody don’t see, even the individual self failed to recognise?

Being in your Buddha Nature!

As I venture deeper into the evolution of consciousness, and working with modality that promotes “beingness” such as Reference Point Therapy, I have come to this point where the Buddhist teaching & training from the past are clearer and clearer presenting in front of me. I had a chance to compare it with other scriptures of other religious background and found that the ultimate path is pretty similar across the board. Of course the terminology used and the way to they described it can vary, yet when you feel the vibration of their descriptions, you’ll find that they might not be that much different afterall. The only mistake that we make as a human being (with neocortex) is looking at these spiritual texts superficially!

When we talk about being in ones own TRUE NATURE, which means embracing a new and ever expanding consciousness, most people puzzled on how they are going to do that. You may not be able to understand everything at this point of time but that’s OK! You’re planting a seed in your consciousness and that seed will grow, and one day everything will be clearer and clearer.

The main hindrance that there may be is when one could not see or believe that one has the potential to expand and grow in consciousness. I have also heard of “I’m happy where I am and I don’t to know what’s beyond me”. Well fair enough but it makes me wonder why is there such fear of the unknown or uncertainty? Don’t you have faith to surrender to life and what life has to offer? Haven’t you been through those moment in life where you have no control at all in what is unfolding in front of you? Those breakups, losing your job, stock market collapse , natural disaster, etc. You can of course start understanding what’s beyond “me” after the disaster, while you’re picking up bits and pieces of your life. Then start wondering what have you done wrong or the big question of “WHY ME?”, searching for lights at the end of the tunnel!

STOP waiting and start bringing awareness to every little details of your life. If you find it difficult then ask yourself “Are there things that I don’t want to see?”. As sometimes we stop being aware and start to dwell in “blurness” is when we know something that we do not want to acknowledge. It may be too painful to do so.

Being in your Buddha Nature doesn’t only mean being clear about those things that you don’t want to face in life but it is also being OK with the good and bad in life. Neither fighting nor running away from the reality, just merely acknowledging all experiences and let it go!

Bringing conscious awareness to every experience in your life is the key to living, living a meaningful and fruitful life!


Lunar New Year of Metal Rabbit!

I was born in the Rabbit year. So this would be the third cycle of the Rabbit in my life time. Well what would be the significance to me then? I asked myself.

This is an exercise that you can do during this period of time to re-examine your life. By asking yourself questions that you have never thought of asking. Treat yourself as a third party and probe into your own psyche. You can ask simple questions such as “What is my plan for this year?” or “How can I going to achieve my goal?”. If you’re willing to explore further, ask bigger questions, for example “What is my vibration for this year?”, ” What am I here to fulfill?” and “Where do I start to step into this new role?”.

Once you have explore as much as you can, looking in and scruitinising every little details about yourself, then take out a box of oil pastels and a drawing block; paint a painting of your vibration for this year!

Then have a look at the supporting energy for this year, represent them with colour. As you put them on a page, be  aware of the feelings and the energy vibration. Truly feel their presence and embrace each and every quality. Feel them infused your entire system.

Make yourself available for this new vibration to come into your life by being mindful in your daily life, within each and every moment. As you become more and more aware you will also notice certain life experiences may be challenging and part of you may just refuse to face or to take that step forward. No worries, it’s just another resistance within towards leaving the comfort zone. Just bring your awareness on it as well.

May this new year be another new beginning! Let your consciousness evolve and gain more understanding into the reality that you have created so that they may change for betterment.


Ownership: Taking Responsibility

With 2012 being brought into mass consciousness, the new vibration (consciousness) that is coming in is no longer set around “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?”; the self discovery theme has evolve into a more tangible process of taking actions and responsibilities. But before one could take action to create the new vision that is full of possibilities, one has to understand who is creating it and for what or for whom? Some say that the outcome of 2012 is not determined. It is a variable, depending upon our collective consciousness to shape and dictate this critical point in time. If that is true will you be able to create what you want/need/desire? Do you know what YOU want, your future reality? What about others in this picture?

Have you ever wonder, what do you own in this life? I’m sure you know that all the material possession is going to go someday, especially with the standard of manufacturing in the post-modern economical framework. Used by dates are getting shorter. I hope you are not thinking about your family, because sooner or later one of them is going to turn around and tell you “I know how to live my life!” So what do you truly own??? (I can’t help it with the question marks, sorry!)

True Ownership

Over the years I have seen many people transformed and had the privilege to be the facilitator to some of these magnificently miraculous experiences. Happy client is always fulfillingly rewarding. However there are also many that have not shifted for years, some of these are dear friends (as far as I concern) who are on the spiritual path. Some had chronic health issues, some are constantly going through emotional turmoil, and some continued living in fantasy with little connection with the physical world. Over the years, with much clarity and centeredness I observed, the reason for this stagnancy is an inability to own up to ones problems/issues. This can sometimes due to past traumatic experiences, but more often than not it is the lack of courage and inner strength to take responsibility for who we are and the reality that we have created for ourselves. Your inner reality determines your outer world. It can be sometimes quite painful to take a good look at the reality that you have created for yourself.

Ownership and Change

Change that is being referred to here is restoring the equilibrium. Something is out of alignment and you want to realign it so that everything will run smoothly as it is! So why is it so important to own our problem and take responsibility for our own creation? Simply put, you don’t own it; you have no right to change it! If you own up to every part of you, the good and the bad; you own the ability to create your past, present and future. Therefore not owning could mean; avoidance, escapism, denial, self sabotage, lying to yourself, etc. The issues of truth, trust, self love and personal power lies within the ability to take responsibility for your own creation. Especially the responsibility of realizing what is important and what is not in the world that you have created. No one is obligated to hold your hand through your life and no one could. Obviously, having someone to blame in your life, such as your parents/spouse/children, does not own up to anything. It is merely an act of running away from your responsibility and ability to re-create!

To start the change that you wanted to see in your life, take responsibility. Owning your defaults in life empowers you with the key to reinvent and live in your fullest potentials.

Be A Cause of Peace for 21 days!

This is an appeal for the peace and tranquility of the world in this time of transition. As well as an offering of love & peace to the people of Haiti and those who are affected. May this inner peace that we are about to create brings about a greater peace in our outer world. Follow these 5 easy instructions and get started. Please help circulate this message; if we get enough people to be a cause of peace we can change the world.

  1. For 21 days, see that we are all one, we are interconnected and the essence in me resonates with the essence in everything that there is.
  2. For 21 days, let go of any conflicts and worries in order to find peace within oneself and peace with everything and everyone around you.
  3. For 21 days wear a golden ribbon (with glitters if you can find one) around your heart as you’re observing inner peace.
  4. Everyday sit in silence for 5 mins to reflect on your day and to offer the merits of your observation of inner peace for the day to the entire universe, with a focus on Haiti.
  5. If you fail to observe peace at any point, start all over again for the next 21 days.
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