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Everyone is trying to find that something or trying to achieve something to get that something, to go somewhere and be somebody…..

BUT what is it that we are looking for? Have you ever stopped and thinked carefully what are you trying to fulfill in the process of seeking? Maybe you would say “Mine is different from yours!” or the vision of a house wife is different from the goal of a sportsman. And maybe a begger has a different life purpose from Donald Trump.

Well if we are trying that hard there must be a greater purpose to these “things” that we are seeking. Have you found what you are looking for or what you first thought you would find when you embarked on this journey? Are closer and closer to home; or are you far far away from that feeling of “home coming”? Make sure you are not using “seeking” as an excuse of not looking or not facing the “real stuff”. There is only a very thin line separating the two.

Yet if you are so far out there, detouring from the actual path; how do you come back, back to home, back to your authentic self? First have the awareness of where you are, get your bearing right. Recognise the fact that you are not home or anywhere near “home”. Then center yourself to let go of all realities that is not your truth. The more this process of realisation reveals the quicker you can come back to who you truly are. Then live a life of authenticity, be that being inside you, embrace new consciousness that supports this new YOU!

Remember if you are aiming for love, joy and peace; seeking is almost always an inward journey. If you are doing that already, congratulations! Otherwise you can always change your mind and make a U-turn…..








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