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Flower Essences 1

Most people are not familiar with flower essences. Neither do we know that these magical potion are actually being considered as the medicine of the new aeon. First of all in physical form it contains only water and alcohol, energetically speaking it has a measurable energetic imprint of the plant where the flower is harvested from. Amazing? We haven’t get to the the process of making it and the effect it has on people whom their life has changed dramatically.

How do you make flower essences?

There are many companies that produce flower essences all over the world. The process of harvesting/making these essences is pretty much the same across the board. First of all the process require the person who is making the essences to be acquainted to nature and with great respect to the energies/spirits that governs the realm. Now why would this be important? Over the years I have tested essences made by various sources and I do find that there is a difference between essences made by those who really respect the nature and are sometimes called to create the essences instead of from his/her own will. Simply put they are generally more potent.

When working with plant kingdom you will be gradually be aware of the consciousness held within, for most creator of essences, there is a sense of knowingness of which plant is willing to offer its healing vibration to humanity at a particular time. It is a deep bonding of a person with nature, like knowing your friend would like to go and watch a movie this weekend. So the “callings” usually signal the birth of a new essence.

During this part of the process, sometimes information of a specific plant is given. For example which specific plant to gather the flowers (you almost always find them in their prime or peak flowering stage), the healing properties and specific details on preparation or procedures will also be revealed. A very interesting process to be experienced as a human being interacting with the plant kingdom.

Typically one would gather the flowers early morning and put it into a bowl of water from natural sources, as it would require to be left under the sun for the vibrational imprint of the flower to be transferred into the bowl of water. Then the water will be poured into a bottle containing equal volume of brandy (medium/carrier/preservative) .  This is called the “mother tincture”, further dilution will be required to prepare stock bottle which contained 1:2 ratio of purified water to alcohol (brandy). What is being prescribed are commonly called the dosage bottle. This however is prepared in a bottle containing purified water to alcohol ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, depending on which school of training you are referring to.

Although it is procedural, one is always in tune and coherently synchronising with ones intuition. Listening and observing, within and without. So next time when you purchased a bottle of flower essences please remember it is more than just diluted alcohol based “placebo”!


Are you up for the game of life?

I know a lot of people who refuses to change and like the comfort of their current situation. This article is probably not for them.

Life is more than just what you see, hear, feel or touch. Many got through life have the perception that there is nothing much about it other than work, family or relationship and money. I am not saying that these things are not important but on the contrary these are the closest reflection you can find about the greater picture of life. Even your own body has a lot of stories to tell if you just be still and listen. (background….. Beyonce, “Listen”.)

Life is probably the most misunderstood concept in the modern human world. Most of us have not even tasted the full experience of life. (I’m not talking about being a drama queen, “shiok sendiri” in your own daily soap opera!) Life has so much to offer if you get down to the most basic and start experiencing what it is offering you. Instead of ignoring the calling and get on with your own mind game of something that is not even authentically yours. And yet so many of us are playing this game but could not take it when “life” gave a big blow in the gut! (that’s why we have so many healing modalities and professional therapists around…..)

At the end of the day there is really not much different in terms of the things that you do everyday. It is about the state of being. You can continue on with your normal activity day in and day out but when you change the attitude towards life it changes the whole experience of living! Live a life don’t run away from it…..

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