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Ownership: Taking Responsibility

With 2012 being brought into mass consciousness, the new vibration (consciousness) that is coming in is no longer set around “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?”; the self discovery theme has evolve into a more tangible process of taking actions and responsibilities. But before one could take action to create the new vision that is full of possibilities, one has to understand who is creating it and for what or for whom? Some say that the outcome of 2012 is not determined. It is a variable, depending upon our collective consciousness to shape and dictate this critical point in time. If that is true will you be able to create what you want/need/desire? Do you know what YOU want, your future reality? What about others in this picture?

Have you ever wonder, what do you own in this life? I’m sure you know that all the material possession is going to go someday, especially with the standard of manufacturing in the post-modern economical framework. Used by dates are getting shorter. I hope you are not thinking about your family, because sooner or later one of them is going to turn around and tell you “I know how to live my life!” So what do you truly own??? (I can’t help it with the question marks, sorry!)

True Ownership

Over the years I have seen many people transformed and had the privilege to be the facilitator to some of these magnificently miraculous experiences. Happy client is always fulfillingly rewarding. However there are also many that have not shifted for years, some of these are dear friends (as far as I concern) who are on the spiritual path. Some had chronic health issues, some are constantly going through emotional turmoil, and some continued living in fantasy with little connection with the physical world. Over the years, with much clarity and centeredness I observed, the reason for this stagnancy is an inability to own up to ones problems/issues. This can sometimes due to past traumatic experiences, but more often than not it is the lack of courage and inner strength to take responsibility for who we are and the reality that we have created for ourselves. Your inner reality determines your outer world. It can be sometimes quite painful to take a good look at the reality that you have created for yourself.

Ownership and Change

Change that is being referred to here is restoring the equilibrium. Something is out of alignment and you want to realign it so that everything will run smoothly as it is! So why is it so important to own our problem and take responsibility for our own creation? Simply put, you don’t own it; you have no right to change it! If you own up to every part of you, the good and the bad; you own the ability to create your past, present and future. Therefore not owning could mean; avoidance, escapism, denial, self sabotage, lying to yourself, etc. The issues of truth, trust, self love and personal power lies within the ability to take responsibility for your own creation. Especially the responsibility of realizing what is important and what is not in the world that you have created. No one is obligated to hold your hand through your life and no one could. Obviously, having someone to blame in your life, such as your parents/spouse/children, does not own up to anything. It is merely an act of running away from your responsibility and ability to re-create!

To start the change that you wanted to see in your life, take responsibility. Owning your defaults in life empowers you with the key to reinvent and live in your fullest potentials.

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