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Be A Cause of Peace for 21 days!

This is an appeal for the peace and tranquility of the world in this time of transition. As well as an offering of love & peace to the people of Haiti and those who are affected. May this inner peace that we are about to create brings about a greater peace in our outer world. Follow these 5 easy instructions and get started. Please help circulate this message; if we get enough people to be a cause of peace we can change the world.

  1. For 21 days, see that we are all one, we are interconnected and the essence in me resonates with the essence in everything that there is.
  2. For 21 days, let go of any conflicts and worries in order to find peace within oneself and peace with everything and everyone around you.
  3. For 21 days wear a golden ribbon (with glitters if you can find one) around your heart as you’re observing inner peace.
  4. Everyday sit in silence for 5 mins to reflect on your day and to offer the merits of your observation of inner peace for the day to the entire universe, with a focus on Haiti.
  5. If you fail to observe peace at any point, start all over again for the next 21 days.

2010, a new beginning!

I created this blog-website page to serve as platform for introducing my work. The services that I offer and the intriguing personal development workshops that I facilitate. This has also marked the journey of playing and creating with WordPress and the wonder of this new facility on the web. For those who would like to take things in their own hand and unleash their creativity (and not wanting to spend the overcharged web-designing fees); this is a magnificent way to rewire your entire system by engaging in a rather soulful process of exploration, creation, and manifestation.

Our creation becomes a reflection of our strengths & limitations, our dreams & illusions; not to mention our inner & outer reality.

This is a year for us to recognised what we have learned and translate it into our own reality in life. A new way of doing things, a different turn from the road that we used to take.

May this be the beginning of a new YOU! A new world awaits!

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