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MRS. DOUBTFIRE, Robin Williams, 1993, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights rese

今日看到的消息,也震撼了七八十年代以來影迷們的心,羅賓威廉斯(Robin Williams)被證實在家中窒息。從他最早期的出道作品《大力水手》Popeye,之後參與演出的作品多達數十部。其中包括我記憶深刻的一下代表作

《早安越南》Good Morning, Vietnam
《春風化雨》Dead Poets Society
《奇幻城市》The Fisher King
《窈窕奶爸》Mrs Doubtfire
《假鳳虛凰》The Birdcage
《心靈捕手》Good Will Hunting
《妙手情真》Patch Adams


DEAD POETS SOCIETY, Robin Williams, 1989. © Buena Vista Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection
往往戲中角色與現實生活成了對比,早在八零年代初曾經染上古柯鹼毒癮,不過他後來已戒掉。在2006年因為酗酒把自己置身於康復中心。也在Good Morning America節目當中發表了以下這一段話。

“It’s not caused by anything, it’s just there,” he said. “It waits. It lays in wait for the time when you think, ‘It’s fine now, I’m OK.’ Then, the next thing you know, it’s not OK. Then you realize, ‘Where am I? I didn’t realize I was in Cleveland.'”


深入的關察自己和自己的生活,有沒有那裡失衡了?有沒有心靈的負擔?有沒有那裡不滿足了?把它看清楚, 然後面對它、接受它、處理它、放下它。感恩生命賦予您的每一個奇蹟,突破舊我、創造新我!

There will be 4 introductory talks about various topics such as Flower Essences, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Birth Angels and ColourFool Life Programme. Helping you to understand more about the work that I offered to the Malaysian community as well as international community.


10 am – 12 pm
ColourFool Life Programme 色彩愚者生命課程
Schools and home education may have taught you certain things about life but definitely not the bigger picture about life. ColourFool has been a successful program in changing life and making life juicier in creating a desirable future.

2 pm – 4 pm
Birth Angels: 7 steps of Embodiment 生命天使之回歸自我的七大要訣
Birth Angels are the energies that you are born with and has been governing your life. It is a powerful and yet gentle approach to becoming who you truly are and realising your full potential.

10 am – 12 pm
Beyond Aromatherapy 超越芳香療癒
Therapeutic grade essential oils are unlike aromatic grade essenctial oils. It is being used internally and topically to produce psychological & physiological therapeutic outcome as an agent of healing and recovery. Come and learn about what they are and how to use them.

2 pm – 4 pm
Phytoenergetics (Flower essences) 植物能量精華 (花精/花藥)
Essences are energetic extract from universe. Establishing a clear understanding is important to the application of this potent natural remedies. Sharing with you the secrets of nature’s perfect vibrational patterns, allowing you to see the bigger picture of Creator’s strategy for life.

Reserve your seat please contact 有興趣者請接洽 0162202189.


20130412_182846I recently researched into the different techniques that I have learned in the past and combining them with essential oils to create a simple and effective approach in administering Young Living Essential Oils, especially the blends.

Gary Young came up with a great protocol for the Feelings kit, however most would like to be helped than to meditate to sort things out for themselves.

Here I have suggested another approach, through years of working with emotions with my colour & art therapy approach (called ColourFool), I realised that dealing with emotions requires sorting out of emotions in the first place, then should one proceed to eliminate the one causing most of the issues. In the end one should always acknowledge each triggering points of emotions stored inside our cells.

I have been experimenting and teaching this approach to YL distributors for a year, working with self body scan through drawing, identifying the chakras, organs, and meridians affected and releasing them through gentle touch/massage on the meridian lines on hands and legs using YL blends.

It also empower a person to own the way they feel towards certain issues, making them present in their body to understand how the organs are affected.

Learn about:

1. Feelings Kit and other wonderful blends to release emotions.
2. Chakra, energy body and the key to unlock it with Exotic Oils Collection.
3. Major Organs and their correlating meridians for physical and emotional health.
4. Meridians and Archetype.
5. Advanced bodywork of zero pressure massage and breathing technique.

Date: 31/5 to 1/6/2014
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
venue: Setia Walk, Puchong.
Materials and Notes provided.
Please contact for registration.

“When grace happens with the Angels, you embark upon a co-creative journey that enables you to become more fully and wholly human than you ever dared to imagine.” ~Birth Angels Book of Days Vol 1 by Terah Cox.

My own personal journey with the Angels started at a conference when a speaker was sharing the work of 72 Angels. We were each assigned 3 birth angels according to our birthdate and time. We started intoning the name of our birth angels in a big group and my heart literally shattered into greater openness. I knew there were deeper connections between this lineage of angelic work with my own inner being. I quickly googled up the history and came across Terah Cox’s book “Birth Angels”; the pull was so strong that I placed an order almost immediately. I was never really an angelic-lightworker kind of person. I believe in transformation through shadow work a whole lot more. The Birth Angels book though contained ancient information of a lineage of angelic work from the mystical school of Kabbalah, has definitely reignited something deeper than what I could ever grasp completely. It was not just a past life memory or some visitation from a higher being, it was a sense of knowing that is so old, so familiar, and bone deep.

Birth Angels originated from the mystical studies of 72 Angels or the 72 names of God. It has encoded within it the unique vibration of the Source, the energies of creation and ever existence. In what we human may conceive, we talk about these energies in terms of virtues and qualities that we can embody, in other words 72 different archetypes. The 72 Angels tradition was lost during Spanish Inquisition and then later rediscovered in an excavation in 1975.

Have you heard of the notion that we are all an emanation of the Divine Itself/we are part of a whole/a drop in an ocean? Through the work of Birth Angels and gradually working with all 72 Angels, you will get to experience first-hand the truth behind these statements. The magic and mechanics of the 72 Angels will be revealed in this course.

Within this learning and coaching experience you are going to master the art of:

  1. Invoking the Angels
  2. Intoning their Hebrew names
  3. Imbibing the “Elixir” of the Angels
  4. Embodiment of their qualities
  5. Emanating the gifts
Duration of coaching: 3 months
Mode of coaching: Individual (Online/Face-to-face) or Group of 3-4 (3-4 hrs, depending on number of people)
For further details please contact Cornelius Chan @

Course content:

Module 1: Birth Angels- My Spirit Signature

Each of us carries within us a unique set of vibrations, so that we may share this with other beings in this realm. Like a rose, embodying the message of love and passion that opens the heart for those who are ready to embark on the journey of intimate relationship. The unique energy that you carry acts as a beacon of divine embodiment in your environment; directly affecting people, events, and other existence around you and your daily life. The role you are playing in your life is more often unconscious than conscious, until you apply mindfulness practice in every present moment.

In this module we will explore your unique sets of vibration through charting your (3-4) personal birth angels, discovering your own unique frequencies, its reflections and symbolisms towards your life on Earth. We will explore the virtues as well as the inversions of these energies. The unique colour energetic aspect will also be examined.

Module 2: Invocation and Intonation

In this module we will explore how to call upon these energies that may be dormant within us. Familiarising yourself with these energies, studying the qualities and archetypal patterns. Learning and practising different techniques to activate your own unique signature.

Intoning the Hebrew name of the Angel allows you to examine your own self-expression and the power within your real potential. The functioning of your physical, heart and intellectual centers will be clearly indicated through this exercise. The process includes finding the signature of your inner voice.

Module 3: Embodiment and Emanation

The ability to receive and contain these energies of creation is not necessary something you are born with. Most of us have blocks that prevent us from receiving and embracing goodness.

This is quintessential in this lineage of 72 Angels. One does not only depend on the Angel, one becomes the Angel by embodying and emanating the qualities and virtues. Meaning these Angelic qualities are now our greatest role model, these God-like values are going shape our new future.

Module 4: Supporting Angels- The Helpers

Supporting Angels are the helpers that provide us great assistance when we are working with opposing energies. When things are not so straight forward and you cannot seem to find a way out, Supporting Angels can offer you a refreshingly new perspective to the entire situation, by introducing the missing-link of the equation.

Examining the qualities of the Supporting Angel(s) will help you in making clear those positive resources that you have yet to tap in. Intoning and embodying your Supporting Angel(s) will help restore your faith in your own capabilities to deal with the issue.

Module 5: Co-creating with Your Angels

Most often our own reaction to life led us astray from our original true purpose. It is then that we begin to realise the need to realign with our original path. The key to staying on your path to fulfil your ultimate purpose is clearly spelt out in Birth Angels. The concept of Atonement is aligning the functioning centers for body-mind-spirit to one purpose. The process can be metaphorically seen as orchestrating multiple instruments to harmonise in a perfect symphony, the symphony of life.

Angels of time and date is extremely important when you are introducing the Divine forces into those important events of your life. Synchronicities happen as these Divine frequencies are being inoculated, causing surrender to the greater good and safeguarding you from sabotaging energies.

Module 6: The Fruit of Your Tree

The apple does not fall far from the tree. In this module we explore the power of Birth Angels with ancestral patterning. How your parents’ Birth Angels energy might still be affecting your own fulfilment of higher purpose.

In advanced scientific research, this is termed epigenetics. How would Birth Angels be related to ancestral/genetic patterning? Part of your soul contract includes the family/parents that you are going to be born into. Therefore their vibrational imprints are an important factor that is may be creating your current reality.

Module 7: Becoming Your Inner Soul Mate- Your Angelic Self

Most taught angelic-work teaches you to rely upon the Angels, only a few traditions are guiding you towards your own God-self. In this tradition the notion between God and Angel are not so separated and even inter-changeable, there is a sense of intimacy or oneness within these concepts. After all divinity is within us all, without which we would not be able to lead a better life.

Addressing the challenges of embracing your God-self is a very important part of this work. Like a stunted plant, the imbalance of water, sunshine, nutrients or air could be a factor that disrupting its growth. By identifying and equilibrating the aspects of life where change is overdue is the way to move forward. Take this opportunity to ensure the star in you shines ever so brightly and brilliantly.


Everyone is trying to find that something or trying to achieve something to get that something, to go somewhere and be somebody…..

BUT what is it that we are looking for? Have you ever stopped and thinked carefully what are you trying to fulfill in the process of seeking? Maybe you would say “Mine is different from yours!” or the vision of a house wife is different from the goal of a sportsman. And maybe a begger has a different life purpose from Donald Trump.

Well if we are trying that hard there must be a greater purpose to these “things” that we are seeking. Have you found what you are looking for or what you first thought you would find when you embarked on this journey? Are closer and closer to home; or are you far far away from that feeling of “home coming”? Make sure you are not using “seeking” as an excuse of not looking or not facing the “real stuff”. There is only a very thin line separating the two.

Yet if you are so far out there, detouring from the actual path; how do you come back, back to home, back to your authentic self? First have the awareness of where you are, get your bearing right. Recognise the fact that you are not home or anywhere near “home”. Then center yourself to let go of all realities that is not your truth. The more this process of realisation reveals the quicker you can come back to who you truly are. Then live a life of authenticity, be that being inside you, embrace new consciousness that supports this new YOU!

Remember if you are aiming for love, joy and peace; seeking is almost always an inward journey. If you are doing that already, congratulations! Otherwise you can always change your mind and make a U-turn…..






Reflection & Shadow

Standing in front of a mirror, what do you see? Do you see mirror images of who you truly are? Do you really see the entirety of this being standing in front of the mirror? Or do you merely focus on the beauty and ignore those that you do not want to see? Or perhaps you only focus on the disgustful part and forget the other part ever existed?

What do you really “SEE” in the reflection of the mirror? A man, a women, a father, a mother, a child, a star, a loser, a victim, a winner, a lover, etc. Look carefully, what else can you see? Can you see beyond what you saw? What else is there? Who else is there? Or what might be there?

At times you may think that reflection is all that is but you are merely looking at the shadow of the real thing. Yet for some, they have not pay enough attention to what they do not see. Lying there on the floor opposite the light! So how can you ever see the complete you?


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